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Unicode placeholders

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    well, apologies if my post is not properly formatted but as you can see from the screenshot it is not easy to know what placeholder does what.


    Actually, the mouseovers work so I should not be so disappointed...

    This is the home page.


    Now, I guess this is partly - or mostly - my fault, since when I installed windows I used nlite (or whatever it was called) to trim it a bit. I guess I left out some chinese charsets and possibly some symbols.

    Well, just to let you know how the site look from my perspective.

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    Ok, it was NoScript blocking images as suggested in the thread "Some icons not displaying".
    I leave the post for a while for those of you who wanted a screenshot, then I'll remove it since it is a duplicate of that thread. Or, if a mod wishes to move my post into that thread, be my guest.

    My questions still stands: which site should I whitelist in order to see the icons?
    Please don't tell me it's Facebook, I liked it here.
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    If you're using FireFox with NoScript this will enable downloadable fonts for all sites:

    Right click on the page.
    Hover over "NoScript".
    Click on "Options".
    Select "Embeddings" tab.
    Uncheck "Forbid @font-face"


    If you want to white list the sites, you can see what sites are being blocked by hovering over "Blocked Objects" after clicking "NoScript" in the procedure above. You can also give them temporary permission.

    However, keep in mind there was once a security vulnerability with these types of sites. But I don't know what the current status is. I think FireFox's fix was simply to block them by default.
  5. Sep 22, 2014 #4
    Thank you TurtleMeister, I decided to whitelist the single site, while forbidding font-face at a global level.
    The site is now displaying as it should.

    I believe I will leave this thread and the corresponding solution for other members or users who have a Mozilla-like browser with NoScript.

    BTW, I use Pale Moon. With Australis Firefox has gone down Idiocracy Lane.
  6. Sep 22, 2014 #5
    I didn't even know about Pale Moon. I'll have to check that out. I'm no fan of what FireFox has done to it's interface either. My main reason for using it is NoScript.
  7. Sep 22, 2014 #6
    Well, Pale Moon is Firefox before the hipsters took power and turned it into a tablet version where appearance is more important than functionality or rationality.
    You can transfer your entire profile to Pale Moon by simply copying the Firefox profile to the new Palemoon profile folder (there is a tool to do that but it appears to work only for 'standard' installation in the default folder - I had a custom install but solved in two minutes of playing with the ini file): it will keep all your data, passwords, cookies and whatnots. It feels also more reactive and so far (fingers crossed) I have not found any shortcoming. NoScript and Adblock keep updating without a problem.

    End of OT, but man, I really have to spread the word: I was sick of FF starting with version 27...
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