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Unit Step Laplace Transform

  1. Feb 27, 2012 #1
    Someone give me a crash course on Unit Step Laplace Transform and Inverse Laplace Transform. Need help on the formula:

    U(t-a)f(t-a) to (e^-as)F(s)

    from what i can deduce, the way to use it is


    - Find a from U(t-a)
    - group (t-a) together
    - replace (t-a) with ____ (?) What is a suitable symbol?
    - work out Laplace
    - multiply Laplace with e^-as

    (Inverse Laplace)

    - Factor out e^-as
    - find out what is a from e^-as
    - inverse Laplace
    - replace t with (t-a)
    - multiply with U(t-a)

    Just need to know how to use it, not how it works in detail. Tell me if I got it right and any where to improve on. Also need to know a suitable symbol to replace (t-a) as above. Thanks!
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