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Unsure of what to do (undergrad related)

  1. Dec 5, 2011 #1
    im a first year student at university thats studying biochemistry but i have been contemplating since the start of school about whether i should switch into physics as an undergrad option or not.

    I chose biochem because from what i've heard (and seen from the number of people that graduate with a physics degree), its much easier to get a higher GPA in, and thats crucial for medical school (for a numerous amount of reasons i want to become a medical doctor).

    thing is that the more and more i look into physics, the more and more i become interested in it I did well in high school and im also taking 2 physics courses now (granted they are only intro courses). Also, the school i attend is known for its Math/Physics/Engineering & CS so if i did choose to do physics, this would be the best school to do it at.
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