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Ur experiences on CFD Plz!

  1. Fluent-Gambit

  2. Star CD

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  3. Other[Plz mention name in the Thread]

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  1. Jul 14, 2009 #1
    I m currently in my final year Mech engg.
    My final year project is on a "Heat Exchanger"...
    So I need to learn a CFD software...
    I have two choices -
    "Fluent-Gambit" Or
    "Star CD-CCM+"
    Plz tell the minimum hardware configiguration required for each of the above softwares...

    Plz share your views on which software should I opt for...

    Please recommend me a very good book for CFD[not for learning the software!]

    Any experiences are most welcome...
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    As far as the minimum hardware is concerned, that is a function of how fast you need results. You could get by with a 4 gig 64 bit machine, but I would recommend at least 8 - 10 gigs. Don't even attempt to use a 32 bit machine unless you can parallel a couple of them together. Most CFD runs are time consuming and put high demand on cpu's and the post processing will tax your graphics card for all it's got. FLUENT is the best in the business the only problem is it is owned by ANSYS. The best book for CFD has to be John D. Anderson "Computational Fluid Dynamics" it is a bit dated but it is the best for gaining knowledge of how you solve CFD problems.
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    I have heard that Gambit is a PITA for meshing. As said, the Anderson book is great.
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    Thanxx guys....
    Ok..so fluent is out of the list now...I own a 32 bit processor...
    But I heard Star CD works Ok on 32 Bit processor 2Ghz with 2GB ram+Grahics card...[I mean for our project...which deals with the effects of diff. types of baffles]
    Actually a friend of mine[who doesnt know much about PCs] told me this...
    So..Plz tell me about Star CD...how is it...???
  6. Jul 15, 2009 #5
    There is not any problem when we run these software (GAMBIT+FLUENT or Star CD) in 32 bit machine. I'm in use.
  7. Jul 15, 2009 #6
    ^Ok...but will I be able to successfully complete the analysis on a 32Bit machine...2.66Ghz ,Pentium D processor,2GB RAM??

    Also ...as told above I've found a book on CFD..but there r many books f this author on this Subject...
    can u tell if if I've found the Right one....[Coverpage photo and contents of the book I found ..given below]...

    Coverpage:[Print 1995]
    [Click img to view full-size]

    Contents of the Book:[Total Pages:563] - Mc-Graw Hill
    Four parts:
    Part I:Basic thoughts and equations
    Part II:Basics of the Numerics
    Part III:Some Applications
    Part IV:Other Topics

    This may sound dumb..but plz tell me if this is the right book...
    I think...There are more diff books...by same author by almost the same name
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  8. Jul 15, 2009 #7
    Yes, that is the correct book. Also, the software will run on 32 bit machines (sorry to have mislead you) it is just that it will run slow. I am used to simulating flow fields and pressure drops through large heat exchangers and my models would run very slow on a 32 bit machine.
  9. Jul 16, 2009 #8
    Thanxx a lot..all of u for replying...
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