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Use of Capacitors for Generators

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    When we run our Gensets individually, we are getting a Power Factor of 0.55 and 0.65 for our 250 KVA and 365 KVA Gensets respectively.

    3. An Electrical Engineer advised us to install a 90 KVAR Power Capacitor and an Automatic Power Factor Control Panel to get a PF of 0.85 for our existing load, to improve the Power Factor when running on Gensets.

    4. Alternately, another Electrical Consultant advised us that there will be extra load on the Alternators during operation if big Capacitors are installed in the Power Factor Control Panel; rather to use smaller capacitors at the motor, which we will operative only during Delta running of the motors. We have installed a 15 KVAR Capacitor for our 40 HP motor and another 12.5 KVAR Capacitor for our 30 HP motor, only during Delta running. This has improved the Power Factor on our Generators from 0.65 to 0.72.

    5. We are confused about two opposite views. Please guide us regarding the correct procedure for Capacitor installation, to ensure a long smooth life of our Gensets.
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    I think Consultant 2 is right. Charging capacitors can lead to rather high currents, so it´s advisable to use smaller ones close to the loads.
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