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Using a DC power connector to power PC side panel case fans

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    I was considering a small project to solve an issue with PC case fans. If you have fans on the removable side panel, the wires to power them is quite a pain to disconnect each time you want to take the panel off. I was wondering if it would be possible to take something like this:


    cut it in half, splice the wires with the fan wires, and position the two connector parts such that as the door is closing, they connect, but easily disconnect when you open the door. This solution seemed appealing as it wouldn't require soldering or anything.

    So I had a few questions about this idea for you experts:

    1. Would this work?
    2. Would there be any dangers to the computer electronics if this connector was connected/disconnected while all power was on?
    3. Are there any other connector types that might be better suited to this task? There is at least one manufacturer's solution in the market that makes use of battery type spring contacts, but I was not able to find any parts that might allow a layman like myself to splice something together. These connectors I linked obviously have at least a moderate resistance when plugging/unplugging, which it would be ideal to do without, if possible.

    Any feedback greatly appreciated! If this is in the wrong place etc. please let me know!
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    Well nothing bad happens when you connect or disconnect a low power connector as long as you don't make any short circuits etc.

    Quite practically , taking into mind that these connectors shown in the pictures are probably not the most robust ones etc I would just go for a longer wire.If that computer case of yours is not a show computer or something like that I would just go for longer wires , ones which let you take the cover off and place it somewhere next to the computer , that would probably be a thousand times more practical as to trying to put these plastic connectors to the case in such a way that they stay there intact etc.

    But the choice is yours.
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    Rather then trying to mount this just lengthen the wires so you can get the cover open and out of the way when you disconnect easily.
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