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Using a pendulum to find the distance to the sun

  1. Dec 11, 2011 #1

    One or two years ago I had a mathematics lecture where one part of it was using basic formulae, a pendulum and the distance to the centre of the earth to find out what the distance to the sun was.

    Recently, I came across a question which asked me to figure out the distance to the sun however it was far more complicated and used more advanced theories than the example I was shown in the lecture.

    However, I can no longer precisely remember how to do it using the method in the lecture but I can remember that it involved finding the distance to the centre of the earth, how far the horizon of the earth was and a pendulum to find the distance to the sun.

    If you know of a method along these lines, please could you inform me? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Nevermind I've trawled through the internet over the past hours and finally found the answer in a hidden niche
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    ohhh and are you going to share this gem so others dont also have to trawl for hours ??

    cheers :)
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