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Using a self-coded neural network

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    I developed a multi-layer perceptron so I could better understand the underlying structure as well as modify it easily versus MATLAB's nntoolbox generate code. I have successfully trained the network for a given set of inputs and targets. The question now is how do I use this trained network with a new set of inputs? I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find out what procedure I need to take. Would this involve using the weights of the trained network somehow?
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    A neural network has some inputs,
    a set of neurons these inputs are connected to,
    possibly a layer of neurons the outputs of the first layer of neurons is connected to,
    and some outputs from the last layer.

    So for training you presented your data items to the inputs one after another and adjusted the weights until it was trained. At that point the weights are fixed and do not change.

    For testing the network you presented the same data items to the inputs one after another and looked at how well it did.

    For a new set of inputs you present your data items to the inputs and look at how well it does.

    Does that help?
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    Yes, thank you.
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