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Using current to measure time

  1. Dec 1, 2005 #1

    I am making something to measure how much time two objects are in contact
    when one of them is accelerated towards the other. To do this, I'm going to
    put a wire on one object and another on the other, and make the objects
    complete the circuit when they touch obviously. What happens with this is is
    these wires link to a stopclock/watch (i can give the model name if you
    want) and this stopwatch starts timing when it receives a current and stops
    when it receives ANOTHER current. I mean, you give it a current. Starts
    time. You "break the circuit." It still times. You give it another current,
    it stops. This isn't useful because I need it to start timing when it
    receives a current and stop when that current is taken away (as the objects
    are no longer in contact; no more current).

    What can I do to make this work? Is there anyway I would generate/make a
    current come when the circuit is broken? How does a potential divider fit
    into this? I am grateful for help. Thank you.
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