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Using DC-AC inverters in parallel

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    I was wondering if it's possible to use two or more-off-the shelf DC-AC inverters in parallel in order to provide more AC power?

    It occurred to me that unless they were in phase, problems could result.
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    You would have to lock them together in phase and have quite close voltage matching.
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    That's what I thought Pumblechook, sounds like I'd have to have knowledge of, and access to, the circuit in order to lock phase.

    What made me even think about it is Honda offers a feature on their EU series generators that allow two of them to be connected together with a special cable to provide double the power.
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    I would recommend to forget it. High voltage output and maybe much higher volatge spikes and high current DC input..
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    As you point out in answering your own question, it can be done, but requires specially-designed generators, and a special communicaion connection between them.
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