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Using two commands simultaneously in DOS

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    1: Is this possible to use two or more DOS commands in the same line. When I enter the command "TREE C:\" it displays all the folders (=directories) and sub-folders present there in the drive C. But I don't want to see the sub-folders displayed in the tree. I don't know the command for hiding the sub-folders. I hope there is one. That would mean I need two commands in the same line, i.e., [Command to hide the sub-folders] [TREE] [C:\].

    Could you please help me with it?

    2: Suppose I enter the command "TREE C:\ |MORE". I would get a limited list of the folders and sub-folders and then I would have to press/tap ENTER key to see the remaining list. Suppose, in the midway I want to abort that TREE command, how could I do it? Do I have to the list to its very end to enter a new command? Please have a look on the video:
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    Why TREE and not just DIR? Try if Ctrl-C doesn't stop the listing.

    I have not used DOS prompt in ages, so I can be wrong.
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