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Value of fracture toughness for a finite plate

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    heeeeeelp please.
    I am new here and hope to find a solution and an easy to understand explanation to my problem:confused:. Thank you all :smile:

    a. A specimen corresponding to a finite plate of width W = 65 mm is made from a steel with a yield strength of 650 MN m^-2 and contains an edge crack 8.5 mm long. A fracture toughness test is carried out on this specimen, and a failure stress of 295 MN m^-2 is measured. Determine the value of fracture toughness (K IC), for this particular steel.

    b. A steel similar to the one used during the fracture toughness test described in part (a) is used to manufacture a large component that can be considered to be equivalent to an infinite plate. If the maximum stress that the component can be subjected to is 30 % of the yield strength, determine:
    i. wheather a crack that has grown by fatigue to 12 mm long is acceptable
    ii. at what length the growing crack exceeds the safety factor

    Thank you
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    How about writing some equations and showing some work.
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    Can you attempt any part of the question?
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    Yes I did actually calculated the results for the whole question but I am not confident if it is correct. My gut feeling is that I am wrong.:confused:

    For (a) I have used the equation KIC = Y*σ critical *(sqrt π*a)

    Y= a factor for the geometry of the specimen, which I have calculated as follows:

    Y= (1.12-0.23*(a/w)+10.55*(a/w)^2 -21.72* (a/w)^3 +30.39* (a/w)^4) =1.23

    a = length of crack
    w= width of the specimen

    and according to these, the value of fracture toughness calculates:
    K IC = 1.23*295 MN m^-2 *(sqrt π*0.0085) = 59.29 MN m^-3/2

    For (b i): I know the maximum stress the component will be subjected to is 30% of yield = 195 MN m^-2
    when I calculate the critical stress for the component with a 12 mm crack, I can compare and it comes out that it is acceptable:
    σc = K IC/Y* (sqrt π*a) = 272.65 MN m-2

    For (b ii): π*a critical = ( K IC/ Y*σ max)^2 = 0.07370

    0.07370/π = 0.023m (this is the crack length which would exceed the safety factor)

    What do you guys think ????
    Thank you
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    Well in principle the methods seems right, though I am not sure where you got your Y geometry correction - it does not look like an Irwin or Dugdale factor.

    Nor is the specimen plate in part (a) like as BS 5447 test specimen.
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