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Varying frequency of an LED drive circuit

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    Greetings. How would I go about finding a way to use an audio signals frequencies to control the positive connection on a 12v dc led circuit? In other words, have the visual effects you get hooking up a dc led strip to an amplifier, but instead controlling the dc positive output to the strip from the constant 12v power supply using an ac audio signal as it's control? Thanks
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What do you want the LED brightness to do in response to the audio? Get brighter with louder audio? Flicker with the audio sounds? Show a bargraph of loudness as the audio gets louder and softer?
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    I would first consider Using a operational amplifier config. As for our good
    friend berkman mentioned for any of the 3 mentioned needed effects, using of course the appropriate peripheral outboarded components
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    I want them to retain full operating brightness but flicker at the rate the low end frequency it's recieving via audio signal
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    So you'll want to select the low-end frequencies (filter circuit), rectify and smooth, and use the result to vary the current supplied to your LEDs. This sort of thing was (still is?) a popular hobby circuit. Google: "color organ circuit".
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