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Vb.net\ Gui

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    Do any one know a guide about visual programming (gui) in VisualBasic. Net?
    It is really urgent.

    Thanks in advance..
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    How urgent can it be if you haven't looked yourself?
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    Have this site
    http://www.softhelp.sun.com/lib/vbasdn.pdf|do=newreply&noquote=1&p=1206170. [Broken]

    Verty, of course he searched but didn't find. You are always like this.

    Amir Fahd.
    A real fact may help vigorously some day.
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    You have right Knowthing. In your country and many others....... There some restrictions about programmings.

    May be Verty didn't know so.

    Amir Fahd.
    A real fact may help vigorously some day.
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    http://msdn.microsoft.com, answers pretty much everything about VB .net and any other language which supports .net framework or is/was a part of the Microsoft Visual Studio suite.

    There is sufficient information there to learn most languages/APIs from scratch. :)

    Also, with something like VB it is worth experimenting, its so easy once you know a few basic things.
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