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Vector Algebra

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    Dear all,

    Anyone happan to have good online lecture video links on Vector Algebra? I need to get an understanding of things like 'Curl', 'Divergence' etc which I will be using it for my Electromagnetic module.

    Any help/advise will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Search for calc 3. That's where I learned vector calculus. I don't recal ever seeing a course called vector calculus. ALso search for.

    Intermediate mechanics
    Math methods for physics
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    I don't know of a video but I got a book from the library yesterday and I like it and might buy one. I will wait two weeks for people to sell their books and then buy a used one.
    The book is "Mathematical Physics: Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers" by Bruce Kusse and Erik Westwig (Wiley, 1998). There is a paperback version published two years ago and it costs $100 new. The book is written for advanced undergraduates and is easier to understand than Arfken's books, which are written for graduate students.

    You might also look for Mary Boas' "Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences".
    If you don't want to buy, you can rent books from one of several places, Chegg being one.
    I believe check has the lowest prices for book rentals, being approximately 50% of the retail book price. I rented one book from them (http://www.chegg.com) and they pay the return cost. You just print a label from their website, slap it onto a UPS pouch and put the book inside along with an invoice copy and take it to UPS or the UPS Store. Just be sure to record the tracking number before returning it.
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