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Vector analysis textbook

  1. Aug 25, 2012 #1
    Can you suggest me a book in vector analysis which covers spherical and cylindrical coordinates. My professor discusses the calculation of volume, surface area and curve length, by integrating differential surface and volume elements in terms of cartesian, spherical and cylindrical coordinates. All the books I find in our library only uses cartesian. Curvilinear coordinates are introduced but not used much. I have the same problem with surface and line integrals. It would be better if the book uses all coordinate systems throughout the text.
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    Based on what it sounds like the level of the course is, you may enjoy Vector Calculus by Marsden. A lot of people I know disliked it however.
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    Have you looked at the Vector Analysis textbook by Victor and Alice S. Textbook?
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    I was in your exact situation about 20 years ago - I found that the Schaum's Outline of Vector Analysis fit the bill quite well. Discusses curvilinear coordinates and has enough examples to help you out. Cheap, too!

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