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Venn Diagrams Concepts(including advanced concepts)

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    I am confused with Venn diagrams questions(2/3 circle diagrams). Can i find some online resources which explains its concepts(including advanced concepts). Eg. 3circled(A,B,C) diagram is there. Find minimum/max. possible of ONLY A such that B is minimum/maximum - how to do these type of questions?
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    Venn diagrams are used to interpret and decide which of Aristotle's syllogisms are vaid or not.

    There are no 'minimum/maximum' relations here.
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    Well, see following Question then:

    100 students appeared in exam having 3sections A,B,C. No. of students who cleared the cutoff in A,B,C=43,65,37 respectiely. Every student cleared cutoff in atleast 1section.

    a)If no. of students who cleared cutoff ONLY in B=Max possible, find no. of students who cleared cutoff in all 3sections.

    b)If 0(no) students cleared cutoff ONLY in A, find minimum possible no. of students who cleared cutoff ONLY in B.
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    Where is your question??

    What does this gibberish have to do with syllogistic logic??
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    Chris Hillman

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    Hi, dragonball,

    Sure you are not asking about the counting method known as inclusion-exclusion? If you told us the title of the textbook and/or course you are taking, I bet the answer would be obviously "yes"!

    FYI, there is a special forum at PF for homework questions which has some special rules.
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    It doesn't look like gibberish to me. :grumpy:

    I'm not sure why you continue to insist upon mentioning syllogistic logic -- the opening poster is clearly interested in using the Venn diagram as a convenient way to visualize the different combinations of 3 Boolean predicates (e.g. "passed section B") and the associated measure (e.g. "65 students passed section B").
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    hey please lemme know the answers as soon as possible..
    is it
    q1) 0
    q2) 30
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    For anything having to do with questions such as "Find minimum/max. possible of ONLY A such that B is minimum/maximum - how to do these type of questions? " and Venns, if I recall correctly, fuzzy set theory should cover this. Also, for advanced topics, more than three circles can be used for Venns It sounds simplistic but the Wikipedia article is informative: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venn_diagram . See also, for applications Venns and hamming codes, such as: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamming(7,4) .
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