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VENN (short for The Video Game Entertainment & News Network) is an American streaming television network based in Playa Vista, California. It features gaming and pop-culture content geared towards Millennial and Generation Z audiences.

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  1. SamRoss

    B Do any 3D Venn diagrams exist that have no 2D analogues?

    If we were to use three-dimensional spheres to represent sets, could a 3D Venn diagram be constructed that could not be drawn as a normal 2D Venn diagram without changing the relationships between the sets?
  2. B

    MHB Venn Diagram Question: How many whales were surveyed?

    I am finding it hard to interpret this question. 4 dislike pollution but don’t s dislike giant squids and don’t dislike Captain Ahab This part of text I do not know what to do with do I just add 4 to the 19 who also don't like pollution? Also The value for the whales which dislike pollution...
  3. F

    Maximizing PC Set Options: Venn Diagram Equation in a Computer Shop

    In a computer shop, there are $$33$$ PC set that are sold: 1. with 18 sets of PC have crystal screen PC included, 2. with 12 sets of PC have printer included, 3. with 6 sets of PC have scanner system included, 4. with 3 sets of PC that include all(printer, scanner system, crystal screen...
  4. DanielMB

    I Implication, Boolean Expression and Venn Diagrams

    Hello, I’m having difficulties understanding logical relations “A implies B” and “A if and only if” using Boolean expressions and Venn diagrams, there is something where I’m wrong, but I could not find it out. Please, be benevolent and tell me where I’m wrong. Thanks Note : Obviously I’m...
  5. FritoTaco

    Venn Diagram for set operations

    Homework Statement Hi, the problem states to draw a Venn Diagram for A\cap(B-C) Homework Equations (B - C) means include all elements in the set B that are not in C. Definition from my book: Let A and B be sets. The difference of A and B, denoted by A - B, is the set containing those...
  6. T

    MHB Classicists' Favorite Epic Poets: Survey Results

    A number of classicists were asked to identify their favorite epic poets. The results are summarized below. 62 appreciate Homer, 40 appreciate Virgil, 5 appreciate Gomer, 2 appreciate Homer and Virgil and Gomer, 3 appreciate Virgil and Gomer, 20 appreciate Homer and Virgil, 42 appreciate Homer...
  7. T

    MHB Maximizing Multilingualism: Solving Venn Diagram Problems in High School

    There are a total of 103 foreign language students in a high school where they offer Spanish, French, and German. There are 29 students who take at least 2 languages at once. If there are 40 Spanish students, 42 French students, and 46 German students, how many students take all three languages...
  8. N

    MHB Conditional Probability and Venn Diagrams

    I am having a hard time with the following exercise: Assume for this problem that the company has 8 Chevrolets and 4 Jeeps, and two cars are selected randomly and given to sales representatives. What is the probability of both cars being Chevrolets, given that both are of the same make? I...
  9. B

    What are the probabilities for events A and B in a set of 10 cards?

    I need some help in checking my work, especially #4. Problem: You have a set of 10 cards numbered 1-10. You choose a card at random. Event A is choosing a number less than 8. Event B is choosing an even number. Draw a Venn Diagram and calculate each of the following probabilities: 1) P(A)...
  10. R

    Venn Diagram Homework: Understanding the Basics for 3rd Graders

    Okay so I have a friend who has a 3rd grader and is 7 years old and he is having trouble completing this homework... we can't figure out how to do the problem on the 2nd page, we understand the example in the first page Page 1 Is the example page. I am going to attempt to translate to English...
  11. T

    Venn diagram problem (either)

    Homework Statement In a school . 35 students like reading , 50 student like jogging , and 15 students like both . How many person like either reading or sports ? The ans is 35+ 50 -15 = 70 ( Ans given) but , i think the ans should be 20+ 35 = 55 only Which is correct ? If my ans is wrong...
  12. T

    MHB Confusing Venn Diagram problem

    Hi there, I have this performance task on Math and I'm struggling with this Venn diagram problem. 50 Grade 6 students were surveyed on their favorite types of kid-friendly content on Youtube. 17 liked Gaming Videos only, 6 liked Gaming Videos and How-To videos, 2 liked How-To and Comedy...
  13. F

    B Cant get Venn diagram to agree with Demorgan's Law

    I was trying to solve a problem about calculating the probability of failures of a communications link with several nodes, and figured I need to use Demorgan's law since it would involve non mutually exclusive events. So I tried to go back to the basics to make sure I understand the axioms of...
  14. M

    MHB Part 2 | Draw a venn diagram and include the given information

    Part 1 : http://mathhelpboards.com/pre-algebra-algebra-2/draw-venn-diagram-include-given-information-19723.html#post90092 Among the 40 persons who visited the clinic , there were persons who were on medication and those who were not on medication as well. An incomplete Venn diagram drawn using...
  15. M

    MHB Draw a venn diagram and include the given information

    Problem It was revealed that out of 40 persons who visited a medical clinic , 20 heart diseases and 25 had diabetes. All those who had heart diseases and all those had diabetes suffered from stress too. 3 persons suffered from stress only had 4 persons did not suffer from stress. i.Draw a Venn...
  16. B

    MHB Venn diagram and table word problem Help

    I have started and stopped doing this 10x bc i keep doing it wrong. Can someone please help! Question: Find two news articles or research reports with a table similar to the ones on the second page of the attached pdf of a group activity used in my F2F sections. You are to draw a Venn Diagram...
  17. zrek

    I Venn diagram for the reals and transfinite numbers as sets

    My statement: The first transfinite ordinal, omega is the first number that cannot be expressed by any natural number, therefore it is not included in the set of natural numbers. The set of natural numbers is a subset of real numbers, every natural number can be taken out of it, but still true...
  18. N

    Venn Diagram Car Park Problem: L-plates & GB-plates Explained

    Homework Statement In a car park there are 25 cars, 5 have L-plates, 12 have GB-plates and 12 have neither. 1) How many have an L-plate but not a GB-plate? 2) How many have a GB-plate and an L-plate? Homework Equations None here really The Attempt at a Solution I got four different drawings...
  19. S

    SQL joins illustrated as Venn diagrams

    In my opinion, using Venn diagrams, or set theory in general, to help aspiring SQL programmers (yes, SQL is a programming language) understand joins causes nothing but confusion for literal-, logical-thinking persons like myself. Allow me to explain my opinion. Venn diagrams have always been...
  20. barbara

    MHB Venn Diagram: p v (q ^ r) = (p v q) ^ (p v r)

    can someone give me show me a venn diagram that will satisfy this statement Venn diagram to show that the statement p v (q ^ r) is equivalent to (p v q) ^ (p v r) and show that this statement is not equivalent to (p v q) ^ r.
  21. barbara

    MHB Venn Diagrams or Truth Table

    How would I use a truth table to show that the statement p v (q ^ r) is equivalent to (p v q) ^ (p v r) or design a venn diagram for this. and show that this statement is not equivalent to (p v q) ^ r.
  22. C

    Is there a simpler way to solve this Venn diagram algebra problem?

    Homework Statement I solved the problem myself but i have a question about the algebra Homework Equations n(A ∪ B ∪ C) = n(A) + n(B) + n(C) -n(A ∩ B) -n(A ∩ C) -n(B ∩ C) + A ∩ (B ∩ C) = n(A ∪ B) -n(A ∩ C) -n(B ∩ C) + A ∩ (B ∩ C) The Attempt at a Solution I knew i needed...
  23. S

    MHB Venn Diagram Problem: Tipping Survey Results

    The hotel conducted a survey. It found that of the 2560 guests who were surveyed, 1785 tip the wait staff 1219 tip the luggage handlers 831 tip the maids 275 tip only the maids and the luggage handlers 700 tip only the wait staff and the maids 755 only tip the wait staff and the luggage handlers...
  24. W

    Probability, Set Theory, Venn Diagrams

    Homework Statement Let A and B be two events such that P(A) = 0.4, P(B) = 0.7, P(A∪B) = 0.9 Find P((A^c) - B) 2. Homework Equations I can't think of any relevant equations except maybe the Inclusion Exclusion property. P(A∪B) = P(A) + P(B) - P(A∩B) This leads us to another thing P(A∩B^c)...
  25. J

    Solving Venn Diagram Problems: Spinach, Broccoli, and Carrot Preferences"

    Homework Statement Based of a survey from 500 people come up with this: 130 people prefer spinach 100 people prefer broccoli 50 people prefer carrot 10 people prefer spinach and broccoli 12 people prefer spinach and carrot 5 people prefer broccoli and carrot 15 people prefer all 3 of them A...
  26. W

    MHB Drawing the Venn Diagram for A ∩ Bc

    Draw the venn diagram for A∩Bc (A Intersection B Completement) Is my solution correct?
  27. karush

    MHB IB24: Venn Diagrams & Aux.17 - Solved!

    IB24 1202 2000 (a) $E\cup H = 88-39=49$ and since $32+28=60$ then $b=60-49= E\cap H = 11$ so $a=32-11=21$ and $c=28-11=17$ hope this ok before (b) and (c)
  28. karush

    MHB -aux.02 Venn diagram sample space U and events A and B

    (a) the shaded hopefully shows $(A\cup B)'$ (b) (i) if $(A\cup B)'= 21$ and $n(U)=36$ then $n(A\cup B)=15$ but $n(A)+n(B)=17$ so $n(A\cap B) = 2$ (ii) $P(A\cap B)$ not sure but guessing $2:17$ (c) not sure what "mutually exclusive" means but presume it has to do with the overlap...
  29. B

    MHB Sets and Venn Diagrams for Real Numbers: Understanding Associative Axioms

    the associative axioms for the real numbers correspond to the following statements about sets: for any sets A, B, and C, we have $(A\cup B)\cup C=A\cup (B\cup C)$ and $(A\cap B)\cap C=A\cap (B\cap C)$. Illustrate each of these statements using Venn diagrams. can you show me how to draw the...
  30. MarkFL

    MHB Noelia's question at Yahoo Answers regarding use of a Venn diagram

    Here is the question: I have posted a link there to this topic so the OP can see my work.
  31. paulmdrdo1

    MHB Find 3-Set Venn Diagram: A,B,C w/ Empty Intersection

    Find a Venn diagram containing three sets A, B, C such that $A\cap B\,\neq\,\emptyset$, $B\cap C\,\neq\,\emptyset$,and $C\cap A\,\neq\,\emptyset$, but $A\cap B\cap C\,=\,\emptyset$. here's my answer please check if it is right.
  32. B

    MHB Venn Diagram II: Check Answers & Understand Relationships

    Another Venn diagram problem. just want to check if my answer is correct since i don't have a solutions manual of the book I'm using. Use Venn diagrams to illustrate the following. a. $\displaystyle A\cup B\,=\,A$ if and only if $\displaystyle B\subset A$ b. $\displaystyle A\cap B\,=\,B$ if...
  33. Dethrone

    MHB Hard Venn Diagram Problem?

    The question as follows: Hypothetically, there are 158 grade 12 students at FLC High School, 92 have enrolled in Data Management, 71 have enrolled in Advanced Functions, and 40 have enrolled in Calculus. The math students include 14 who are taking both Data Management and Advanced Functions, 18...
  34. C

    Constructibility of a Perfect Venn Diagram

    Is it possible using only a straight edge and a compass to construct a Venn Diagram or a pair of overlapping circles in which the area of the lune of each circle is equal to the other and to the area of the overlapping region? (I've worked out most of the mathematics from calculating the area...
  35. MarkFL

    MHB Using Venn Diagram to Solve Precalculus Quantitative Methods Qs

    Here is the question: I have posted a link there to this topic so the OP can see my work.
  36. D

    MHB Stuck on Venn Diagram Problem

    Can someone please break down how to do this one? I'm absolutely stumped on this one. Thank you very much. :)Use the following sets to complete the operations. Universal set = {lower case English letters; a,b,c,d…x,y,z} V = {a,e,i,o,u} S = {letters in the word “spring”} G = {letters in the word...
  37. Petrus

    MHB Calculating Element Count in Disjoint Volumes Using Venn Diagram

    Calculate the number of elements in A1 U A2 U A3 if there are 97 elements in A1, 997 elements in A2 and 10098 elements in A3 in each of the following situations: (a) The amounts are pairwise disjoint, i.e. , too . (b). (c) there are 10 elements in common for each pair of volumes and 4...
  38. P

    How to Solve Venn Diagram Questions with Multiple Possible Answers?

    These kind of questions always get to me and I don't know how to solve them. Lets say that there are X many people that are in sports. Y of them are in soccer, Z of them are in cross country, and A of them are in basketball. And Y+Z+A>X How would i find out how many people do two sports or...
  39. S

    Labelling sets in a Venn diagram

    Homework Statement Label each set in the following Venn diagram as described in the attached pdf file. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Unable to find a relationship that can describe the second set B. Obviously set A is a collection of Odd numbers.
  40. T

    Is My Venn Diagram Calculation for Tourist Destinations Correct?

    I would just like someone to check maths for this venn diagram, just to make sure I have done the calculations correct. I have attached copy, with the numbering inside the diagram. I will show my working here. Question: One of 36 tourists on holiday in Namibia and South Africa is chosen at...
  41. DaveC426913

    Creating My Own Venn Diagram: A Weekend Project

    A couple of trips to the store this weekend and I have decided to make my own Venn diagram.
  42. reddvoid

    Boolean equivalent of shaded area this venn diagram

    1. what is the boolean equivalent of shaded area https://www.physicsforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=38605&stc=1&d=1315313022" i tot its abc'+a'b'c but its not one of the options...
  43. A

    Venn Diagram problem (Set Theory)

    Homework Statement The universal set u=40 Set A = 20 Set B=17 n(A∩B) = 1/2n(A'∩B') What is the value of n(A∩B)? Homework Equations none^^The Attempt at a Solution The first thing I thought was that because Set A and Set B add up to 37 there must be 3 remaining outside the two sets, and since...
  44. S

    Statistics Problem - Venn Diagrams

    Homework Statement The entering class in an engineering college has 34% who intend to major in mechanical engineering, 33% who indicate an interest in taking advanced math as part of their major field of study, and 28% who intend to major in electrical engineering, while 23% have other...
  45. F

    Can Venn diagrams resemble Cantor sets with infinitely many sets?

    if you go down to the section called "do they always exist?" you'll find a venn diagram for 6 sets: http://www.combinatorics.org/Surveys/ds5/VennWhatEJC.html would a horizontal cross-section resemble a cantor set, if there were infinitely many sets? it looks like it would vaguely resemble...
  46. S

    Venn Diagrams in Algebra

    Homework Statement Let G be a group, and let H and K be two subgroups of G. Then the union of H and K is a subgroup of G such that the intersection of H and K is an empty set. Can you visualize the product hk in a venn diagram for all h which belongs to H and for all k which belongs to...
  47. P

    Drawing Karnaugh Maps Using Venn Diagrams

    Hey, can anyone help me with drawing karnaugh maps using venn diagrams? i don't full understand how to.. thanks
  48. O

    How to proof P(A U B U C) without using Venn Diagram

    Do you know how to proof P(A U B U C) = P(A) + P(B) + P(C) - P(A^B) - P(B^C) - P(C^A) + P(A^B^C) ^ is intersection. Do you know how to find P(A U B U C U D) Thank you very much.