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Venus info wanted

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    Is venus hot because heat from the sun or is it from internal heat?
    How much of the suns light would have to be blocked in order to get it to cool down?
    No its not nuts some day we will mine rocks in space and a few flat rings around venus might do the trick.
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    The sun provides the energy, the atmosphere prevents it from escaping.
    (Venus has no appreciable internal heat.)

    Read up on Venus - runaway greenhouse effect.

    Note that Mercury, despite being half the distance from the sun, and therefore subject to four times as much solar influx, is not any hotter on its sunward side than Venus (both about 800-850F). That's because it has no atmosphere to trap the heat.
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    Ok so if a dust cloud was put around venus it would cool down. Than at 90 psi co2 would act like water and cool it faster add a few nukes and the dust will remove the acid
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    That's a lot of material. Might be better to make a huge wafer-thin shield that's held in-place with attitude jets. It's been considered to help cool Earth.

    Can you run that past me slower?

    And this too. Spell it out for me?
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