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B Verify particle nature of electron using blackbody radiation

  1. Jun 10, 2016 #1
    It's mentioned in my book that blackbody radiation can verify the particle nature of electron could anyone explain this to me,please?
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    Which book and what exactly does it say? It's impossible for us to say anything sensible when you don't tell us what the starting point is.
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    It's just mentioned as a question after the lesson in which blackbody is explained briefly the book is for 12th grade
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    Vanadium 50

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    That doesn't really answer Nugatory's question.
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    I don't know if you are in Grade 12, or if you were looking at a book for Grade 12, but when someone asks you for the "source", in this case, a book, you need to cite the following information from the book:

    1. Name of author
    2. Title of book
    3. Date of publication
    4. The relevant page number.

    This may appear to be a pain, but in this forum, we CARE about the SOURCE, and thus, a careful citation of the source is important. This also has a positive intended effect to members who stick around. They get into the habit of examining not only the source, but also the nature of the source (which, in my opinion, is a habit that is sadly lacking in most people).

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    Simon Bridge

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    ... only it was not mentioned in your book was it, according to a later post, what actually happened was:
    OK - so it was actually mentioned as part of a question, after the lesson.
    Who mentioned it? The teacher? A student? Was it part of a question like: "Does blackbody radiation verify the particle nature of the electron?" Context is everything.

    US 12th grade is NZy12-13 ... senior secondary school.
    Blackbody radiation is not usually covered in a lot of detail at that level ... so it is difficult to respond without knowing your source.

    Breifly, for those googling here later, the particle model for the electron (at least, for matter) is assumed when texts derive the radiation law (by treating the cavity walls as mass-on-a-spring systems).
    afaik The particle model is not confirmed by blackbody experiments.
    Histrically, the "electron is a particle" idea was indicated from experiments done by J J Thompson in 1897 and verified by Millikan in 1909. Plank was working on blackbody radiation between these two and his model of the atom had negatively charged rings (saturnian model).

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