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Very low FPS in far cry 3

  1. Dec 11, 2012 #1
    I'm probably getting 10-15 fps in Far Cry 3. The game is extremely jittery and barely playable.

    I even tried turning down the graphics settings to the lowest possible and I still have the problem.

    I have a $3,000 enthusiast gaming PC with multiple graphics cards.
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    That is disappointing. Sounds like bad programming. Guess you'll have to wait for a patch or two.
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    Dual SLI GTX 680's (my PC) should max out this game and still get over 60FPS.
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    Have you tried playing in single gpu mode?

    Doing a bit of googling uncovers some issues with farcry 3 and dual gpu set ups.
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    Could it be an issue with micro-stuttering?
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    A friend of mine recently pointed out that some games do better if you turn off "core parking" as well. This is a feature built into modern processors that's similar to the HLT instruction, but per-core, which windows uses to save power when a core has no load.

    Some games create workloads that confuse the parking algorithm causing it to turn parking off and on repeatedly for a core, resulting in stuttering.
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    This is the worst micro-stuttering and frame skipping problem I have ever experiences in a PC game.

    I certainly hope ubisoft is aware of this problem and releases a patch to fix it.
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