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Video lectures of Structure and Intepretation of Computer Programs

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    I'm looking for video lectures for the classic MIT course Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. While MIT OCW doesn't have any videos for this course, on the internet there seems to be at least two different sets of videos claiming to be of this course. It seems that one is from 1986, given by the original instructors to HP employees, while another is a Spring 08/07 course taught at Berkley by some other instructor. Could you tell me which one is likely to be more helpful, or if there is any other set available? Thank you.

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    Anyone has an idea?
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    I'm thinking berkley. did you happen to try iTunes for any of the videos? they have some cool physics lectures i downloaded a while ago free. so they may have something that your looking for.
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    Anyone who has actually tried the videos, or the lectures they are based on?
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