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Video Tutorials

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    With the success of videos on physics such as those on YouTube, I was wondering whether we ought to try and create short video tutorials on select topics.
    a) We can draw on the vast pool of talent in PF
    b) We can organize among ourselves better than those on YouTube; many of the topics are repeated (basic set theory; basic topology; classical mechanics) whereas some of the harder topics are left out altogether. (Quantum optics, information theory; Cosmology..)

    These videos needn't be too long - maybe 10 min videos will be nice. Seeing that we already have a PF library for such a purpose, I thought it might be interesting to expand along this direction. It needn't necessarily be course related either. It could be a set of talks on a given topic which are interesting and outside the scope of the classroom which you can tackle once you know the basics. We could organize these into playlists.

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    It's a great idea and one I've always supported, however, with the massive resource that is Khan Academy, why bother?
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    I have a better idea. Maybe Greg could find a way to allow users to embed a YouTube video. He could even make it so that I can easily upload a video to YouTube by clicking a button labeled "Upload Video." This button would load YouTube's video uploader in a new window. Then, when my video is uploaded, the window automatically closes and the embed code is placed in the post.
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    Well, resources such as KhanAcad follow mostly classroom material. We don't necessarily need to do so and I thought that could be our addition. I was hoping only to supplement what was already there.


    As you probably already know, one of PF's selling points is quality control. In doing so, I'm afraid we might lose the ability to screen off the not-so-good videos. Nothing is stopping you from uploading videos independently though.
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