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Courses Vocational physics courses

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    Is there such a thing like a vocational physics course that can be attended after finishing high school?
    I am 35 years old man from the East Europe and have a high school degree.I used to love physics very much in the past and now I got an idea that it would be nice to steer my carrier in that direction.
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    Hi ekola, welcome to PF!

    By "vocational physics" I assume you mean classes that offer hands-on training.

    I'm not familiar with the educational institutions where you live. Are there engineering classes available to you? Perhaps electronics?
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    Yeah. In the US, trade school or some physics / engineering "workshop" would be the the ideal choice but I'm not sure. There is a physics / engineering program in my school where they offer that hands-on training because the program is one of those "3+1" programs
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    Physics and Vocational Training do not overlap. Physics is a main academic and scientific subject. Vocational training is training to do specific tasks for employment. You are probably interested in Engineering-related or some kind of technical job skills training.
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    Thank you for welcoming!
    Actually,I should rephrase the question.I've made a mistake using the word vocational.the question may have echoed indecisively.On the contrary,I am really serious about this.I am thinking about the whole idea for a long time,almost 5 years.I've been saving the money for that purpose.
    I am more interested in:
    1.some kind of short formal education in the beginning that could be continued later(abroad Europe if possible,1 year ideal to 2 years max)
    2.any informal education that you have an idea of
    3.accredited online courses.
    All or any of these should enable me to do a physics-related job abroad,not in my country or nearby.
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    Any advice?
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