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Voltage and Frequency Regulation (Grid, synchronous generation)

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    I was wondering if someone could help me understand and explain to me how one can control the frequency of the grid from help of the active power (frequency -> power angle -> active power) and how reactive power can be used to control the voltage level.

    My thoughts:
    Voltage Control:
    I dont have any clear thoughts.

    Frequency Control:
    The frequency of the generator is connected to how fast the turbine is rotating, so in order to keep close to constant frequency one has to change the input power to the turbine, so that the generator can speed up/down in order to stay at operating frequency.
    (If the power demand increases the generator slows down, and if it decreases the generator speeds up.)

    Thank you,

    Best Regards
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    Read ac power analysis part 2, to be published today or tomorrow.
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    The quick answer is that if the demand increases, the entire grid slows down, until controls bring it back. Generators must all make the same frequency in the steady state.
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    Thank you, I'll read ac power analysis part 2 when it gets published.
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