Voltage on a electrostatic charged sphere

  1. I understand that voltage depends on how far the electrons are, so for a sphere it would be q*k / r.
    But what if a sphere with 100kv , then we put with contact to it a metal box , becoming on body, will the volt remain 100kv
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  3. mfb

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    100kV relative to what?
    What is the position of the box relative to the sphere?

    I guess no, but for me it is not clear what you want to measure.
  4. Hello people... Charged body has an voltage.. But the reverse...can applying voltage to a metallic object from a battery who's other terminal is grounded produce static charge on that metallic object??
  5. mfb

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    Yes (but the charge will be tiny with batteries).

    Please start a new thread for your own questions.
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