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Voltmeter data logging

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    Attaching a data logging system to a voltmeter:

    Produino ST Master Chip 0.56" LED DC 3-Digital Display Digital Voltmeter- Black (DC 0~100V)

    Goal: I want to save the data from the voltmeter over time with a ± 10Hz sampling rate, logging this on a SD card or UBS stick, making it able to read the data on a PC.

    Question: In what possible ways can I achieve this? Can I possibly use the arduino for this?

    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to PF.
    Apart from the visible display, there appears to be no digital data output from that product.

    What voltage range do you need to record? What voltage resolution do you require?

    It might be possible to use the Arduino's built in Analogue to Digital Converter.
    google ' Arduino ADC '.

    If you need more than 10 bit resolution, (about 0.1%), you may need to find a higher resolution external converter for the Arduino.

    If you need a voltage range greater than 0 to 5V you may need to make an input attenuator using two resistors.
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