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News Vote for democracy & freedom . . . or die!

  1. Feb 23, 2005 #1
    For all you baaad people out there, the time has now come to open your arms and your country to the benefits of a freely elected government of the people, by the people, for the people in order to give you freedom to choose, freedom to live how you choose and freedom from tyranny.

    If you don't, we will:

    A: Invade your country, smash the infrastructure, kill lots of people and MAKE you choose to be free!

    B: Subvert your government, Poison the leaders and use mercenaries to remove the obstacles to your freedom.

    C: Use the world bank to send you to the poorhouse and keep you there until you use your freedom of choice to let in the corporations.

    D: Create a problem with the tyrannical country next door to you, arm it and send it after you until you ask us to protect your freedoms.

    Once you have accepted the offer you couldn't refuse, you can then choose to be run how we say, and choose by which of our methods your freedoms are expressed and which corporations will guarantee those freedoms.

    After completion of the FREEDOM OBJECTIVE, you will then be able to choose to have your democracy play patsy to the un-elected global corporate governance that is coming about, OR apply rules A, B, C, or D as befits your particular circumstance.

    Isn't western democracy a beautiful thing?

    Isn't freedom of choice THE way to go?

    If it isn't, prepare yourself to be made free and democratic and a player on the globalised stage!
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    the people in other countries who were/are under the rule of fascists or military dictatorships installed or supported by the US aren't free though. death squads & curfews don't make people free. i don't think i understand this thread. :confused:
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    To sum it up he's using satire and metaphors to say that American 'Freedom Mongering' is really just a coy to forcefully encourage western economic dominance, and that the methods used are less than any moral person should accept.
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    Well said. I also thought perhaps there was reference to the humorous episode on South Park with the Puff Daddy parody:
    http://www.vote-resources.com/daddy-die-puff-vote.html [Broken]
    In any event, it's nice to see someone is just as cynical and facetious as I can be. :rofl:

    It does bring up a good question though. Back when Bush began his first term, there was debate about his desire to take over the world. But with the invasion of Iraq, the debate sort of derailed into arguments over details (details? what details?). Bush is determined to become a historical (not hysterical) and beloved President, and is working hard to find a way to do this. Perhaps due to road blocks being felt in regard to his Social Security plan, Bush is back on his Freedom & Peace quest--Especially since the election in Iraq is the only positive thing he has right now? He adds another country to the list almost daily. :uhh:

    I hope the Europeans continue to see through his BS better than the Americans (who are now distributing campaign items for Condi Rice--hey I wonder if the buttons were made in China?)
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    There are already threads that question the viability of spreading democracy via the sword in a serious, thoughtful manner. I hardly think we need to add this idiocy.
  7. Feb 27, 2005 #6
    Excuse me ever so much, I am sure that this has been debated ad-nauseum, but a little sarcasm/satire can be of use too.

    Thoughtful and serious debate is no less idiotic than satire if the net result of such debate is nil.

    Thoughtful and serious debate hasn't stopped the process whereby millions of Rwandan's where genocided, where Iraq got flattened in order to stop the tyranny we installed to stop the Iranians after they dumped 'our' Shah.

    Nor has serious and thoughtful debate found any WMD's.

    When the facts we are confronted with (as promoted by our dear leaders) as reasons for doing or not doing something are so farcical and idiotic, the debate might as well be too.

    Serious debate or idiotic and satirical observations seem to be as valid and (in)effective as each other.

    In all seriousness, get off your hobby-horse and lighten up.
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    The problem, Corkie2003, is that sometimes so much rhetoric flies around that people stop being able to recognize that it isn't rational debate. And since rhetoric-flinging leads to (is) verbal conflict, it only increases disagreements and physical conflicts. IMO, that's what makes it so destructive: that's how terrorists are made.
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