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VRLA batteries - charging

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    hello, pozdrav

    my question is about Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery. may i charge it only with "float" voltage (cca 2,25 Vpc) or do i have to "boost" it (2,4 Vpc) sometimes? if my battery gets discharged to 20% can i recharge it only with "float" voltage?

    i have capacity cca 150Ah, 220V; temperature is ideal 20°

    thank you

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    This a pretty good white-paper on batteries. It says VRLA batteries generally do better at the recommended float voltage, and dont require "equalization" like a flooded lead acid. But I would look at the manufacturer's documentation to be sure.

    http://www.apcmedia.com/salestools/SADE-5TNRJR_R2_EN.pdf [Broken]
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    thank you gtacs. this is a good resource. manufacturers documents are a bit confusing, i checked Sonnenschein and EnerSys websites.

    it seems that "boost" treatment is not needed for VRLA. that is fine with me, because i had some trouble with overvoltages: boost_voltage x number_of_cells > voltage_tolerance.

    thank you, have a nice day
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