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Want to pursue phd in chem e; 3.5 GPA

  1. Oct 15, 2012 #1
    I'm going to get a BS in chem e from a top 30 engineering school, and I really want to further my education in polymers in the SF bay area (eg. stanford or berkeley). However, I'm worried about my GPA - 3.50 (3.61 eng core), and GRE score (148V, 154Q practice test that I rushed through in 1/2 the time allowed). I speculate that I can definitely score higher on the GRE if I study some vocab, and practice the math section.

    I do have several years of research experience, and I will have 2 publications in good journals. I also TA general chemistry. It's really hard to gauge whether my research experience is really good or just average.

    After some searching, I found that stanford's graduate program consistently has an average GPA of ~3.73, and GRE of (600+V; 760+Q). Going off by the information I have provided, should I even waste my time and money applying to these schools? Or should I place my stake on UCLA?

    I'm also interested in UT-Austin
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