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Was windows7 really my idea? Microsoft false advertising

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    When did windows users get an opportunity to request features for windows7? Why wasn't I told? Essentially isn't windows7 supposed to be vista that works?

    Even as a beta tester - it was to check its stability and find bugs. Not to add or remove features.

    So have we been had?
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    I dont see what the big problem with vista is... Its worked fine for me... Of course I would rather have just had win98 but the companys wouldn't make money selling that...
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    Yeah I have had 0 problems with my Vista too... other than the security always asking if I'm sure I want to run the program haha :D.
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    I don't know if we should be flattered that Microsoft is claiming to be listening to the people and giving them what they want, or upset because they couldn't figure out on their own that people want something to be easy to use, faster, and less susceptible to viruses. I mean seriously, since computers were developed this has been what people wanted.

    I think a better add campaign would be "Surprise!!!! We didn't rush development and used extensive Beta testing, we might have actually produced a really good OS."
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    False advertising?

    It would be impossible to prove that Microsoft didn't listen to any customers.

    Personally I hate all advertising. Anyone that gives real thought to a product based on any advertisement will always be 'had'.
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    In defense of advertising in general, without advertising we would be unaware of most of the products that we own.

    I agree though, there really isn't false advertising. I just doubt that they listened to people like these actors that they have making these ridiculously general statements about how they want there OS to work. I also like that it implies that for all these years they were ignoring there customers : )
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    Ha good point. Maybe the point of advertising is to simply get the word out there, some people will hate it, some will like it, some will be indifferent, yet they will all be aware of the product. Here I am giving negative thought to those very ads while using my Windows computer and texting on my blackberry phone.

    Maybe it appears that I am the one who has been had!
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