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Water pressure, volume, temperature

  1. Jul 9, 2009 #1
    Hi There

    Can some one please help me find a table or chart that has accurate data for water pressures and temperatures at constant volume. I'm testing how much pressure an aerosole canister can take by filling it with water, sealing it and applying a flame tourch. I know how much heat the trouch is putting out, so I'm timing how long it'll take for the can to blow out. From this and the heat capacity I can get the temperature of the water, but now I'm having serious difficulty finding the pressure of the water given the temperature and volume. Any help please?
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    It has just dawned upon me that, in fact, the pressure of the water at boiling point (100C) is 1 atm. Hence if it is a closed system, that pressure will increase according to the standard saturated liquid water table. Thanks a lot.
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