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Water Well Level Question.

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    Hope this is the right section - I didn't see a hydrology section.

    I'm presenting this like a homework question, but its more for a conversation at my office.

    There are two wells. The water in the two wells is the same (no density difference etc... - but that doesn't mean it's "fresh" water)

    Well 1: This well is 480 ft deep and the static water level is 160 ft. The water bearing strata is at 480 ft. The casing is 6" I.D.

    Well 2: This well is 720 Ft deep and the static water level is 560 ft. The water bearing strata is at 720 ft. The casing is 10" I.D.

    What formula could I use for:


    Is the head pressure the same (within 10%) between the two wells?

    And, is this true or false:


    If well 2 was 1100 ft deep, but the water bearing strata was still 720 Ft and static water level is 560 ft, the result does not change.

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    Well (pun), I guess for now I will simply calculate the weight of the water columns and see if they are the same.
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