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Waves transmitted through blocks

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    hi all...
    I have general query...this is simple i guess but is haunting me because i dont knw this...

    consider 3 blocks of different materials (say metal and dielectrics) which is kepy one over the other...when an em wave is passed through these structures at the first metal it will undergo reflection and part will be transmitted....this transmitted wave at the interface of the first metal and the second metal again undergo partial reflection and partial transmision...this transmitted wave propogates into the next block and in the next interface agian undergoes the same procedure...My doubt is if we are using a particular em wave (say IR) then can we consider the part of the wave which is propogating in the last block as the same IR wave or is it considered as any other form of energy like phonnon vibration????

    I hope my question was clear...please reply to this
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