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Weather balloon in wind, find displacement

  1. May 15, 2009 #1
    1. A weather balloon travels upward for 6 km while the wind blows it 10 km north and 8 km east. Approximately what is its final displacement from its intial position?

    I am not sure how to look at this. I know they are vectors which makes this a bit complicated and I know I have to use pythagorian's theorm but I just don't get how.

    Please help :confused:
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    Re: Displacement

    Having reviewed the site rules, I have decided that my original post gave away too much.

    First, take a bird's eye view, forget about the vertical movement, use pythagoras' theorm to find the movement over the ground (find the angle if you need it, too). Then, look at it from the side, consider the movement in the horizontal plane with the vertical movement, pythagoras it up again. The vertical angle can be found at this point if you need it.

    A 3d drawing will be helpful.
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