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Website(s) Listing Postdoc Position for Biophysics?

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    Are there websites that specialize in listing postdoc position for biophysics, computational/mathematical biology? I looked through higheredjobs and aps but found very few positions. Are the available positions this few?
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    The very first thing that you should have done is to inquire with your instructor/advisors, etc. These people have gone through all this and should know the resources that you need.

    Secondly, by this time, shouldn't you already belong to some organization related to your area of study? The APS may not have the complete listing of jobs for biological sciences. Shouldn't you already be a member of such organization similar to the APS but for biological sciences, something like the American Institute of Biological Sciences. Don't these organizations offers job search services?

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    Thanks for your suggestions.

    However, I finished my PhD in experimental physics a few years ago and I moved away from research for a while. I just got accepted to an applied math program for a master's which will allow me to make a switch to a computational field. I am leaning toward mathematical/computational biology and so I want to know what the postdoc and future career prospects look like.
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