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Whales resting etc.

  1. Feb 8, 2005 #1
    Hi, a long time ago, while flipping channels, I crossed what was probably a documentary on whales. All I remember was an underwater shot of about 3 or more whales that were motionless and vertical. I suppose they were resting somehow. I tend to believe they were sperm whales, but I could be wrong. I am looking for more info on this behavior (how often, how long, why, etc.), and pictures if possible, as it was quite impressive visually. Thx.
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    Could someone describe, or direct me to where I can find info on "an average day in the life of a large whale"?
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    http://www.alaska.net/~awss/KWBehaviors.html [Broken] Here is a good site on killer whales...they "rest" too
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