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News What about the Lebanese military?

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    Isn't it peculiar that we don't hear much about them? In principle, shouldn't they prevent war from happening in their country?
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    Ever think they're laying in the weeds waiting to spring a trap on Hezbollah --- the Israelis drive 'em in --- the Lebanese bag 'em. Oughta get an Oscar for best acted double-cross in history if it's the case.
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    The only even vaguely reliable information I can find about the state of the Lebonese army comes from wiki(yeah I know)
    According to this illustrious source, they are poorly armed and equiped, poorly trained, and small in number. If they could defend their country against Hezbollah or Israel I'm assuming they would, since they are doing nor have done either, it's unlikely there a major player in the region. They have no surface ot air missiles or anti aircraft artillery either apparently. And have requested aid from Egypt & Syria to help train their forces.

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    Well a little look at the recent history of Lebanon backs up what you are say Schrodinger. They are just recovering from a civil war, and being occupied by Syria.
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    ironicly, lebbenon dosnt want to get invloved in this war. that would give israel reason (and justification in international eyes) to bomb the whole of lebenon and not just the southern bits that kartusha rockets can be put in range of israel. as mentioned above, the lebenon army wouldn't be able to do much anyway.

    apparently, the lebonese army was made by different militias agreeing to join the national military. because of this, an effort by the lebenon army to pacify hezbollah and try to do what israel is doing now would in effect, be putting lebenon in a vary brutal civil war (assuming there wouldn't be a coup right off the bat)
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    AFAIK the Lebanese army is 40% Shia. the Shia would fight with Hezbollah, not against them. Lebanon is wise to not engage it's army. If they attack Hezbollah it would probably precipitate another civil war, with the Shia being slaughtered with Israeli will help. If they attack Israel, the destruction will be ten fold what it is now. Their only option is to try and ride it out to hopefully pick up the pieces when Israel pulls out and is replaced by an international force.

    This is the saddest part about the way Israel is conducting this war. They are destroying a fledgling democracy. The current Lebanese government is only about a year old. Doesn't look like it will ever reach maturity now. :frown: This is a terrible tragedy for the people of Lebanon. Israel is making good on it's promise to set them back 20 years.
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    The Lebanese Army is currently training with the Wu Tang Clan in the Shaolin Temple.
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    Yep, this about sums it up Gonzolo.

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    The Lebanese Army will interfere if Israel's infantry tries to invade major Lebanese cities. There was a statement by the Lebanese Defense Minister to this effect, but I can't be bothered to look it up. Although the fact that the Army was involved in engaging Israeli commandos twice (one of them was in Tyre yesterday) should be evidence enough.
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