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B What are the different kinds of charge density?

  1. Sep 17, 2016 #1
    At this point I was given rho, sigma and landa to hold value of these three different kinds of density
    ρ = Charge/Volume -------------- Volume Density
    σ = Charge/Area ----------------- Area Density
    λ = Charge/Length ---------------- Length Density

    How do I know which type of density to use over the other in a Gauss's Law Problem?
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    one is writing /using Gauss's theorem and one calculates total flux crossing a closed surface and charges are contained inside the surface so it mainly depends on the nature of distribution of charge inside the closed surface , as you have to calculate the total charge also.
    if you have volume charge distribution then volume density can be used...similarly surface or linear charge distribution.take some examples.
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