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What are the independent terms in the Magnetic Tensor

  1. May 6, 2014 #1
    I am trying to understand the magnetic gradient tensor which has nine components. There are three magnetic field components, but there are also three baselines. These nine gradients are organised into a 3x3 matrix. I have read that only 5 of these terms are independent. What exactly does this mean? What makes them independent?
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    If five terms are independent than given those five terms you are able to calculate the others
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    Thanks that is helpful. I had been trying to visualise what is happening and not having much success - I can imagine splitting the magnetic vector into 3 components and then measuring the rate of change of each of these particular components in the three directions. I did not realise you can use some of the terms in the matrix to calculate others. I assumed that only 5 remained because the others somehow cancelled eachother due to symmetry. And this is where I am hitting a wall - I can't imagine how the rate of change of one component of the field with respect to a given baseline can be equal to the rate of change of another component of the field with respect to a particular baseline. Any insights?
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