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What are the ionization methods?

  1. May 29, 2015 #1

    can you tell me please what are the ionization methods available?

    I cannot find a list of them

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    ionization energy is the energy required to make an atom/molecule ion

    it is often measured in eV which is very small amount of energy

    my question is, how does this relate to the energy of the electrical field or magnetic field, that can make this atom/molecule an ion?

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    well, this is good, but it's for mass spectometry only?
    I think there is another ionization method, where you force the atoms/molecules through a filter?
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    How many did you find so far? What are these? Then maybe someone can add to the list, if is not complete.
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    I merged two threads as they have the same topic.

    Very strong electric fields can ionize an atom, yes.
    Magnetic fields can influence the energy levels and make ionization easier in some cases.
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