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WHat are the options for a math Ph.d besides teaching?

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    WHat are the options for a math Ph.d besides teaching??

    Hi, I will be getting my BS in pure math this spring and I need some advice. I breezed through the undergrad math curriculum in 3 years and this year I am taking real analysis and analytic function theory which are 600 level (master level) classes at my shool. All of my professors have full confidence that I could get a Ph.d in math. However, I have no interest in being a teacher at any level. My question has a couple parts

    1. What jobs are out there for math Ph.d that use high level math? Im not looking to go all the way just to do someone taxes or bookeeping etc.

    2. What is the realistic starting salary for a math ph.d? is $55,000 a pipe dream?

    3. Will my age hinder or limit my chances/opportunities at landing a good job? I got a late start at college because I did 6 years in the military before I started school. So that will put me at 35 if I go untill I get a ph.d

    I am using $55,000 for starting salary because if I take my BS and go back into the military I would be an officer and I would start out at $51k. By the time I get a ph.d I could already be making $72k in the military just by getting promoted twice.

    If I had to choose between a math job or military officer I would choose the math job over the military, but not by much. I like them both alot and If I can make a good living in the math field then I will do it. If not, then I only have to work 14 more years in the military and I then I can retire and military retirement is good.

    any inputs would be appreciated, sorry for the long post
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    copy/paste from another thread:
    try looking at monster.com (or .ca) & other sites with job listings. there are a lot out there. that marine security analyst job will pay CDN$55,000-59,000 + 100% medical & dental (since it's gov't) and the ad said they wanted someone with experience (& maybe only high school) or an acceptable level of education. I would think someone with a PhD in math could potentially do a lot better than that. If your programming skills are really good I saw job listings for experienced Java programmers with starting salaries in the range of CDN$70,000-$85,000 & also nobody in town would know the kind of math that you would be able to apply to computers. use your imagination when it comes to jobs involving math skills. there are so many degrees that have math requirements; a math person could do all of them.
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    I take from your military past that you are not against government work. The government hires math ph.d's in numerous areas, they start ph.d's out at GS-11 paygrade which is 50 to 55k per year depending on area
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