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What are you going to do in the future?

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    what are you going to do in the future?

    for me i still have 6 monthes to graduate then i am thinking to go to europ to take the MA ... maybe in england then i will go to onther country to take the PHA ... and then i will still down in onther country "i will go around europ!!"
    i will live in the streets .. work and study ..
    this is a big and serious adventure but i will do it!!

    what about you?
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    Get rich.
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    be moving to fayetteville NC.
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    Re: future

    the same thing I do every night...... try to take over the world
    actually I'm getting married in august, and after that I'll come back with more future plans
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    Meglamania is highly underrated. :)
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    One more year of high school and I've got my sights set for Carnegie Mellon. Woohoo civil/structural engineering!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I am getting bored with industrial automation and brain-dead programming. I have been looking into the up and coming Hydrogen industry, as well as to consider things like internet financial ventures. I have actually achieved most of my goals set in my early adult years and I recently realized that I need some new ones. Really, I have it made; and I have made it. I work at home a lot and set my own hours. I make too much money for my time, I have a beautiful wife, and a beautiful home with 5 acres surrounded by mountains, and green valleys, and clean air [couln't have kids and probably wouldn't have anyway]. Guess what, without a real challenge in life I find myself extremely bored.

    So here is a lesson from the last 20 years of my life: Keep the challenges coming for they are the essence of life. It is the pursuit of goals and not the ends themselves that truly feeds the soul.

    Edit: Of course in my free time I will always be Ivan Seeking. There are just too many mysteries out there to be explored.
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