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What branch to take: electonics or computer science

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    I'm in dilemma over electronics and computer science and engineering.

    Actually i like everything - everything related to science is interesting to me which adds to my difficulty in choosing the course

    But i don't know much about - what ill learn in electronics and computers?
    Do computer engineers sit in front of the screens for 8 hours? Because im not willing to spend 8 hours in front of the screen?

    And What kind of things will i study i nthese two courses? If someone could predict what would i do after 5-10 years if i take either of these courses then it would be a great help
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    computer engineering is somewhat unifying of both.
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    in which branch would i learn how computers work?
    I have an idea that in computer engineering all you learn is programming -
    and in electric engineering you learn circuits and how modern machines like computers etc work. Is it correct?
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    You sounds like you would be better doing computer engineering.

    You won't learn specifically how all computers work in terms of the complex architectures, but you will learn how computers work at the deepest level possible, including with circuit design, control theory, EM and so on.

    I'd look into computer engineering.
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    Ok thank you
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