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What can (US) amateur astronomers do to help save Hubble?

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    If you are a US citizen, and wish to add your voice to those who want to save Hubble, you may be interested in this Sky & Telescope story
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    I hate to be politcal, but I think the best way to save Hubble is to defeat Pres. Bush this November. The most important reason that Hubble is being abandoned is so that NASA can use the money for the manned moon and Mars project. From a scientific point of view, this manned mission has very little value compared to Hubble and future space telescopes.

    For those who were not around at the time, the Apollo project was motivated more by the cold war than anything else.
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    i cant even begin to understand why the Hubble is to be
    abandoned, isn't it one of if not the best astronomical
    instrument ever? if it is for pure political reasons
    then the ones making the decisions should hang their heads
    in shame
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