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What can't Lua do?

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    I am interested in learning Lua for game development, app development. I was wondering, what are it's limitations? what do other languages have that Lua doesn't? Perhaps you could list common programming applications and which language is perhaps best suited for those certain applications.

    Thank you.
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    The largest difference between languages usually comes down to two basic things:
    1. Compiled languages vs interpreted languages.
    2. Library support.

    Generally, Lua was designed to run inside of other applications. For example, world of warcraft was probably written in C or C++; however, it allows gamers to create mods using LUA.
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    I want to learn Lua for game development.

    As the title suggests, I would like to learn Lua and program games.

    I am new to programming, so is it inappropriate to learn Lua first? I would like to start making simplistic games and eventually learn Lua for game engines like the Crytech or havok.

    So any advice pertaining to an appropriate learning trajectory will be greatly appreciated.
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    Reading the "Programming in Lua" book seems like a good way to start.

    My best advice for game programming is start small and work your way up and no matter what make sure you finish what you start.

    So as a first game I'd set a goal to make something like "Rock Paper Scissors" then just work your way up from there. Try TicTacToe next. Do them as text games first and then as you get more comfortable start making them graphical.

    Also, save everything you write in some kind of online source control system like BitBucket.
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