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What coild and capacitor to use in LC-circuit

  1. Jun 24, 2013 #1
    I am building an LC-circuit. I was wondering what power of capacitor and loops of coil would be best to use to create a change in flux, which was not to big but could be detected in a range of 2 meters from source. A range of coils would also be nice as I will have it as a variable in my experiment.
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    Do you want to use your circuit as an emitter of electromagnetic waves, or do you want to detect the magnetic field?
    "could be detected" is a very vague term - with good equipment, you can detect nearly everything.

    More context would be interesting. Is there some application you have in mind?
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    I am building it to emit electromagnetic waves. It's for an extended essay I am writing.
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    I am going to measure the waves using an oscilloscope
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