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What date would human beings appear?

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    Brian Teaser++++++++

    The Earth is an estimated four and a half billion years old. If geologic time were somehow compressed into a single calendar year, on what date would human beings appear?
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    well all i know, on a documetary, that if you put earth on a 24 hour clock from the beginnig of the exsitance of earth then humans would appear 1 min from midnight :smile: :rolleyes:
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    The last day represents about the last 12 and a half million years.

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    jynXed666, if you put earth since the "Big Bang" on a 24hr clock, then the existence of humans would be less than 1 second from midnight!!!
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    Be More Specific, give time and day.
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    Well, I believe Australopithecus Aferensus might have arrived on time for tea. Australopithecus Africanus would have made dinner. The earlier ancestors, if you can call them that would have missed lunch completely.
    Homo Erectus would get to the new years party in time to say hello and have a few drinks. Modern man would pop in just 15 minutes or so before midnight. Shortly after the fall of Rome, we would start shouting out "10...9...8..."

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