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What do engineers do on a daily basis?

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    I am pretty sure I want to go into engineering, but I am really curious as to what engineers do on a daily basis. I have this vague and somewhat childish idea that it is just a bunch of people in overalls tinkering with machine parts. That just shows how little I really know.
    I'm looking for kind of an insider's opinion, an actual engineer's weekly schedule.
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    Most Univeristy educated engineers dont touch tools often (if ever). By tools i mean you are not going to be in the field/shop/etc. cutting metal, turning wrenches. The weekly scheduale for one engineer could be nothing like that of another.

    What type of engineering are you intreted in? (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical? etc.)
    this could help us give you a better idea.

    I'm currently a 4th year Mechanical Engineer working for Ontario Power Generation. My days are never the same. One day I could be working on a turbine dehumidification system, the next a fire supressent system, boiler dosing tank, the list goes on. I became an engineer because I rellay dont like doing the same thing over and over.
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    Olive98, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    There are so many kinds of engineers in our world that your question is practically impossible to answer. I worked as a Field Engineer and my stories are certainly different from many other engineers who don't travel/live abroad. My best advice for you is to continue asking engineers who are already working about what they do. I saw a very good program between companies and UCLA in the early 80s. Third and fourth year engineering students worked summers at our company on real projects. One senior was assigned to the team I was a part of. His experience with us allowed him to be hired upon graduation. Today he is Manager, Airborne Sonar Systems, with a FAT salary. So, if you can work in the industrial/commercial environment part time and study towards your degree at the same time, I think you will discover where you would like to fit in. Welcome!

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