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What does a mouse do to recognize its sex partner?

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    What does a mouse do to recognize its sex partner ?

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    Most likely it smells out females.
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    if so, will he be fooled if people coat the the male mouse with female scent ?
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    Not entirely, because the male mouse will still have its own scent (might even initiate some aggressive behavior if one male perceives that the other male has been with a female he "desires"). But, you can put the male mouse into a cage with bedding soiled by the female to start the arousal process, even without the female present.
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    Are you sure you want to make this generalization? You've made an assumption that the original mouse is male.
    There is only a 50/50 chance that is true.
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    Females use scent too. A female mopuse will even abort a foetus if she changes partners, based on the difference in smell in her new partner and her old one (and a hormone he secretes).
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